Chaffoteaux Appliance Ranges

Please select from our wide range of Chaffoteaux appliances to obtain your Chaffoteaux Boiler Parts and Spares.

Chaffoteaux part of the Ariston Thermo Group, Chaffoteaux is a brand focused purely on technology and the future of thermic comfort. They work with R&D teams to explore multi-energy solutions as well as connectivity between products to improve efficiency. They have developed their own link technology which gives users and maintenance companies access to the equipment allowing for telediagnostic and predictiveness. When you take this into account along with the many different variances still available in their products its clear to see that the end user and future of the industry are taken very seriously at Chaffoteaux.

Notable appliances under the Chaffoteaux brand include; The Chaffoteaux Britony, Minima and Calydra